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101 Things in 1001 Days

I actually started this challenge at the beginning of 2010 but have decided to post it online for the rest of the world to see. Obviously I’ve got to get to work!

Ha, Okay, so this is turning more into a bucket list of sorts. I originally posted this when I was blogging consistently back in 2010-11. Obviously I didn’t make the 1001 days mark but I’m still having fun marking things off when I can. 🙂

1. Read 10 classic books

2. Run a Half-Marathon

3. Do 5 Pull-ups

4. Drop 15 lbs.

5. Give up diet soda (yikes!)

6. Start doing yoga

7. Be a vegetarian for 30 days

8. Find a new hobby

9. Write in a journal once a week

10. Go back to Ireland ❤

11. See the Grand Canyon

12. Backpack through Europe

13. Get a tattoo

14. Get into Grad school

15. Go on a “real” spring break trip

16. Celebrate New Years the right way (New Orleans!)

17. Go to another Jason Mraz concert

18. Write down what I’m grateful for daily

19. Become more “green”

20. Have a crazy-fun 23rd birthday

21. Sing “Benny & the Jets” at a karaoke bar

22. Put a crazy color in my hair

23. Create a scrapbook for college

24. Go on a “digital cleanse”

25. Organize my room at home

26. Learn how to swim (hahaha…..)

27. Complete a “day in my life” journal entry

28. Paint a picture, just because.

29. Learn to really like beer

30. Don’t worry about what others think so much

31. Drink more water

32. Save $1000

33. Finish observation hours

34. Take my GRE

35. Spend extended period of time in the UK

36. Learn to take better pictures

37. Get GPA to 3.8

38. Take a road trip with my best friends

39. See a Louisville-Kentucky game

40. Read “The Autobiography of a Yogi”

41. Drink more Jameson

42. Complete intern application for Tom’s Shoes

43. Get DSLR camera

44. Go to a wine tasting with my friends

45. Visit NYC

46. Donate blood

47. Get a moleskin planner

48. Go on a legit bar crawl

49. Get a penpal in a foreign country

50. Do more volunteer work

51. Help win “Greek Organization of the Year” (HELL YEAH!)

52. Win “Greek Woman of the Year”

53. Cook a meal for my family

54. Go skiing

55. Donate old clothes to charity

56. Wear a dress on 10 different occasions (would you believe at the beginning of 2010 I HATED dresses?!)

57. Learn to meditate

58. Make a bangin’ fondant cake

59. Frame pictures from Ireland and Greece

60. Watch 10 award-winning movies

61. Complete “50 Questions that will Free Your Mind”

62. Move Out

63. Win an award

64. Read Superforest more often

65. Look fab at Meagan’s wedding

66. Take a bath

67. Make & drink a green smoothie

68. Make an awesome slideshow for my sorority to show at recruitment events

69. Run a 5k!

70. Sell something on eBay

71. Be completely silent for one day

72. Donate $100 to charity

73. Complete my resume

74. Buy dinner for my friends

75. Go camping!

76. Swim in the Pacific Ocean

77. Go 3 months without chocolate (what was I thinking?!)

78. Complete a triathlon

79. Go surfing (after I learn to swim of course)

80. Start writing down favorite quotes

81. Be able to do 50 “man” pushups (so close!)

82. Become certified in CPR

83. Find a cause I’m passionate about and support it

84. Get a major celebrity to tweet or re-tweet me back (JASON MRAZ!!! 10/7/2010)

85. Buy a bicycle

86. Leave 10 Operation Beautiful notes (recently added!)

87. Do a raw food diet for one full day

88. Eat sushi

89. Read by the light of the moon

90. Go skydiving

91. Get my own blog domain

92. Move away from SWVA

93. Do a keg stand (hey, I am a college student….)

94. Kegs & Eggs!



I’m still working on the rest. Although I started this at the beginning of 2010, I wanted to leave room for growth so I’ll be adding more as I think of them. Smile

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  1. January 30, 2011 5:40 pm

    I love this list! GREAT goals and things to keep track of

  2. Cara Nichole permalink
    March 20, 2011 4:33 pm

    This is a really good list of goals!

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