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Pieces of… me?

July 31, 2010

Hello, world! After being a major blog lurker for the past 6 months, I’ve decided that it’s about time I started one up of my own! 🙂 I’m taking inspiration from my two idols, Caitlin & Kath and will begin documenting my eating habits, life, and just the randomness that’s sure to pop up during my senior year of college. 

So, I guess it’s about time that I introduce myself then, right?

Well, to start off, my name is Sarah (kind of obvious, right?) and I’m a 23 year old senior in college. I’m majoring in business administration but have hopes to get into physical therapy school after graduation….. which is in May. Yikes!

Bachelorette Party 247

I’m a pretty outgoing person (although that wasn’t the case in high school!) and absolutely love to make people laugh. I’m a bit of a procrastinator (okay, that might be putting it a BIT lightly) but work really well under pressure…. or so I tend to think I do anyway. I’m vice president of my sorority, president of panhellenic, president of the student activities board, the elections commissioner for the student government association (former senator!), and the lone student representative on the big & scary board of directors at my college. To say I like to be involved just might be an understatement. I like to stay busy if you couldn’t tell… but in my free time (when I’m not doing homework!) I absolutely LOVE hanging out with my friends! I have the BEST friends in the world… period. I met my best friends the very first week of college and have been hanging out with those crazy kids ever since.

Bachelorette Party 315 A few of us on our recent escapade to the beach!

Other than that, I’m pretty much your average college kid. I have a crappy part time job, I drink way too much, I stay up late, and have a tendency to party a bit too much. BUT that’s where this blog comes in. I’m tired of waking up with the hangover from hell and want to stop inhaling chocolate and start picking up the healthy stuff instead. Will I succeed totally? No, probably not. It’s my senior year after all… come on! 😉 But can I start making small changes that can make a big difference in the long run? You better believe it. I’d like to use this blog to document my journey to becoming a healthier and fit collegian. And I’ll need your help! 😀 I’m always up for meeting new people and reading new blogs (seriously! I’m addicted!) so stick around and enjoy the ride.



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