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August 6, 2010

This entire summer, I felt like I’ve been in autopilot… and that’s not a good thing. My life has basically consisted of waking up, running, showering, and heading off to work. I need some spontaneity in my life ASAP! If it weren’t for my trip to the beach with my best friends, this summer probably could have been classified as “Most. Boring. EVER.”

But that being said, my life is about to get much more hectic in the next week or so. In less than two weeks I start my final year of undergrad! I’m kind of still in the “I can’t believe this” stage but I’m super excited. And even better, I can’t wait to see all of my best friends & sisters again! Oh how I’ve missed them! 🙂 Not to mention I take the GRE next Wednesday! I haven’t exactly begun to study yet either… yikes. I’ve heard several horror stories about it from the rest of my friends so I can only imagine. Someone please motivate me to go crack open a book… NOW!

Moving on.

So, this morning I took off on my normal run (see what I mean about being on autopilot?!). It was….. HOT. I wish I had a camera (getting a new one next week!) to show you guys my before and after picture because I was SOAKED with sweat upon my return. However, that being said, I did crank out a little over 6 miles! I was really having a problem getting motivated to even leave this morning and actually thought about turning around after the first mile but then my iPod sent me a big sign saying, “Hey, you can do this!”. Okay, maybe it didn’t say that per say BUT right as I was considering calling it quits, it began playing “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz and I knew I could keep going. (FYI—I’m OBSESSED with Jason Mraz. He’s my hero :)) It’s funny how sometimes the universe knows exactly what you need.

This is completely off topic but… good news! My best friend will be back in town for the school year tomorrow! I’m so excited! This girl is like, my second half literally. Do you ever just have a friend who gets you? And knows your next move before you even do? Yeah, that’s her for me! We have this crazy-weird sense of humor that generally only we get but that’s the fun part. She’s actually the one I’m going to Europe with next summer! 😀 Not to mention she’s also a fellow T103-er (for more info on all things T103, check out my confessions page!).

Some of our more memorable moments!





Ok, just for the record, I swear I’m not always wearing those 3-D glasses! 😉

So my question for you guys is….

How did you meet your best friend?!

I met mine during the very first week of school my freshman year in college. Funny story—I was actually scared of her at first! I thought she hated me! Ever since then though, we’ve been really close… even when she left me to go to France for a year! 🙂

Annnnnd before I go. Has anyone tried Kangaroo Pita Chips?! O.M.G. Greatest pita chip ever?! I think so! I’m personally very much a fan of the Salt & Pepper kind! Although I haven’t gotten around to trying the other varieties yet. I definitely recommend picking up a pack ASAP!

09dc33cab0c42d33cd34eaf97ffc3dc9_152_180 Well, I’m off to hopefully spend my day off studying for the GRE. Okay, who am I kidding? I’m going to my parents house and lounging around by the pool for the remainder of the afternoon. My future can wait. 😉


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