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I Won’t Worry My Life Away

August 11, 2010

So, today is the big day. GRE DAY! To be honest, I haven’t prepared nearly enough for this test (or should I say… hardly at all?) but you know what? So be it. I’m going to go in there and whatever will be, will be. I’m not going to stress over it that’s for sure. I guess I should but…. I’m over stressing. It’s not healthy and it’s not what I do. If I do bad on it tonight then I’ll take it over in a couple of weeks, that’s all there is to it. 🙂 My future shouldn’t depend on ONE test. I’ve worked my ass off in college and that should count for something, right?! And if I don’t get into physical therapy school over one lousy test then maybe it’s just not in the cards and I’m meant to do something else with my life. I strongly believe that the universe will lead me in the right direction… wherever that may be. Crazy? Maybe. But I’ve been told I’m crazy more than a few times so I’m okay with that. 🙂

Speaking of crazy.

I set out on a run this morning to help get my mind off of the test tonight and by the time I got out there, it was already 85 degrees! Yikes! I was dripping with sweat within the first 5 minutes. Now that’s pretty serious! And I won’t lie, there were more than a few stopping breaks but they were MUCH needed. But you know what the best part is about a run like that? Coming home and jumping into a cold shower. Ahh. I’m almost positive there are no words to describe it. Heavenly? That’s about as close as you can get. 😉

Before my run, I decided to switch up my workout playlist a bit in order to give my run a little more variety. And it helped. Greatly. When you know exactly where you are on your run by which song comes up, you know you need something new. 😀 So that being said, here’s what I went with today.


I love my workout playlist just because it gives me an excuse to listen to cheesy pop songs that I’d otherwise probably stay away from. 😉

What songs are on your workout playlist?! I’m always up for suggestions!

While I’m still on the topic of running, does anyone have any suggestions for a half-marathon race next spring in the east Tennessee, Western NC area?! I’m shopping around and need some advice! 😀 If I’m going to commit myself to doing this, I need some incentive!

But, I suppose I should start getting ready to go take the test that “determines my future” or whatever. 😉 I’ll update tomorrow and let you know if I’m drowning in my sorrows or celebrating this weekend. 😀


PS—I’ll be ordering a new camera on FRIDAY so *new* pictures will be coming to this blog verrrrrry soon. Stay tuned! 🙂

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