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August 12, 2010

So, the GRE is officially out of the way, at least for now! How was it you ask? Well… not quite as bad as I thought! I didn’t do HORRIBLE on it and actually got a pretty decent score! However, I’m still going to take it over just because I know that if I had actually studied a bit, I could have hit it out of the ballpark! 🙂 That being said, I almost had a minor freakout during the middle of the test. The entire day yesterday it was storming so of course, right in the middle of my math section, it starts up again. And what happens? The computer completely shuts off. Really? And ONLY MINE! I just knew they were going to make me start over and I was already 2 hours in. Luckily they got it up and running again and back to the same question I was on. Otherwise, I would not have been a happy Sarah. Can you say, tequila?

In order to compensate for the hellish 3 hour-long test, I partook in some retail therapy afterwards, ala TARGET. Which if I haven’t yet mentioned is my absolute FAVORITE store. 🙂 I could spend hours in there! And since the closest one to my house is still 1.5 hours away, you better believe I did last night! New workout clothes? Yessir!

Moving on.

The upcoming school year is starting to slowly rear it’s ugly head on my calendar. Yikes. Luckily for me, this semester should be relatively easy. I’m actually taking two “gym” classes which I’m super stoked about. What are they you ask? Aeorbics II and Core! 🙂 They’re both with the same teacher and she is amazing. Literally. She’ll kick your ass and have no qualms about it whatsover, which is awesome for me. I absolutely love being pushed to my limits. She also happens to teach a bootcamp style workout class that I took all of last year and will be participating in again this year. I. Can’t. Wait. Last year was probably one of the most stressful years ever for me in terms of the activities I was involved in PLUS school work yet, I didn’t really feel it at all and it was because I was working out 4-5 times a week. It’s amazing what exercise does to your psyche, right?!

On a completely and TOTALLY unrelated note, does anyone know how to get rid of ants????! My roommate and I have been having a problem all summer long with these tiny ants that for the love of God will NOT go away! We’ve tried EVERYTHING! (Literally!) The exterminator has been here twice, we’ve cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom, we’ve sprayed Raid (yuck).. I mean, what now?!?! I’m desperate here people! 😦


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