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I’m photo friendly again!!!!

August 15, 2010

Yes my friends, I, Sarah @ Sarah’s Shaping Up, am now the proud owner of a new camera! FINALLY! Going over a month without a camera is ROUGH and I never want to do that again. 🙂

That being said, as boring as it is, here’s what I had for breakfast this morning. And you guessed it, it’s a Deep Chocolate Vitamuffin! I also had some more smores trailmix but I didn’t think that warranted a picture. 😉


Word of advice—please bare with me while I figure it all out!

As I said yesterday, I’ve always been a Cannon camera kind of girl and I’m already super happy with my Digital Elph SD1400IS. I can honestly say as far as point and shoots go, I’ll never stray. 🙂 This one has soooo many cool features that I haven’t even begun to figure out yet! It even has a fisheye lens mode that I already am in LOVE with.

So, that being said, after spending my morning beautifying my planner (more about my planner obsession in a later post!), I decided I’d document it with pictures. (Basically, I just wanted to play around with my new camera!)

20100815_297  20100815_298





That’s all for now kids! I’m off to help my BFF move in a refrigerator and then my first meeting of the year with my freshman! (I’m a freshman mentor!) I’ll post a recap about the events from today later on if I get a chance! 🙂 (Although there’s a possibility of a throwdown in my apartment later on so all bets are off ;))


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