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I Think That I’m So Happy Now… :)

August 17, 2010

I’ve said once and I’ll say it again. The universe always has it’s way of bringing you up when you’re feeling a little down. After the events of last week, I definitely haven’t been my normal chipper self, although I’m slowly getting it back. That being said, after losing my phone for approximately 2 hours today (yeah, it was in the bottom of my bag the entire time, go figure), I found quite possibly one of the best emails… well, EVER.


Yes my friends, I’M GOING TO SEE JACK JOHNSON IN ATLANTA ON FRIDAY!!!! THANK YOU BRITA! (and you know what makes this even better?! I actually have a Brita Filter for Good water bottle that I bought last year :))


It’s going to be a HELL of day. Literally. Atlanta is 6 hours away, the concert starts @ 7, and I have to drive back afterwards because I have an all day sorority event on Saturday starting @ 9AM. But, that’s why I’m young, right?!

So basically this means that on August 20th I’m seeing Jack Johnson and on September 20th I’m seeing Jason Mraz. Jealous?! Life is so, so, SO good.

Moving on.

What should have been the highlight of my day is the fact that I met the President of the University of Virginia today! I, along with around 10 other student leaders, had the opportunity to have a round table discussion with her. She’s super cool and I think it’s awesome that she’s a WOMAN and running one of the best schools in the NATION. You go girrrrrl!

Today was also our student activities fair which is always fun. 🙂 I had to work the table for the student activities board (since I’m president!) but snuck away for a few moments to take some pictures with my favorite sisters.







Gotta love that fish eye lens. 😉

Anyway, I’m off to go do some more presidential duties… aka, showing Ironman 2! I’ll also be doing double duty tonight as we are having a Greek watermelon welcome as well.

Oh and as far as eats go, nothing spectacular. There was a picnic at the the fair but of course, there were only hot dogs and hamburgers. :/ Two thumbs down. My meal consisted of a little cole slaw, potato salad, and some beans. Yikes. Dinner is looking like a Kashi frozen meal, something with pesto? Let’s hope it’s good.

I haven’t gotten a good run in since Saturday so that’s what I’ll be doing bright & early tomorrow. 😀

Until tomorrow!


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