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Tat-Tat-Tat It Up?

August 22, 2010

So, when I left you last, I commented on how there was a possibility of a tattoo in my near future. Now, I must admit, when I wrote that, I never thought it was going to happen. Period. I sent my bfffff a text telling her Jack Johnson was a no-go (boo!) and so her response? “Let’s go get a tattoo!” I agreed, thinking that I would walk in there and chicken out.

Well, kiddos… I didn’t! For once in my life I did something completely and totally irrational and I love it. Seriously. No regrets whatsoever. It was the most incredible bonding experience. We all three got stars (mine on the side of my stomach/ribs) and now for the rest of my life, I’ll look at my tattoo (that’s so weird to say!) and just remember how completely and totally free I felt in that moment. And the people I was with. We’re officially bonded for life.. good thing we like each other. 😉

Moving on.

Yesterday was filled entirely with sorority activities. 🙂 E-Board retreat in the morning and our first meeting / cookout in the afternoon! And of course my contribution was a batch of cupcakes. I was originally planning on making homemade ones but realized that I didn’t have remotely enough time for that so I went for everyone’s favorite,  funfetti. Classy, right?



Needless to say, everyone enjoyed them. Out of 24, I only had 5 left! And being the super nice person that I am, I took them to Dairy Queen last night and handed the rest out to my coworkers. 🙂 (is it weird that deep down I miss working there right now?!)

Here are a few more scenes from the afternoon. I ❤ my sisters.





So, starting tomorrow I’ll be updating a lot more on the physical fitness part of my life. I’m currently signed up for Aerboics II on M-W, Core on T-Th, and I’m going to join boot camp which will either be T-Th nights or M-W nights. Plus I heard that the price for boot camp now includes a personal training session?! Yikes! If I’m not in perfect shape by the time this semester is over then something is seriously wrong. Let the fun begin! 😀

Alright, time to get off here and begin prepping my room for the big move! I’m FINALLY going to be getting my dresser and desk from my room at home to my apartment! Pictures will be posted when it’s all said and done. 🙂 Have a lovely Sunday!


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