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Bye-Bye Summer

September 7, 2010

Today is one of the most depressing days of the year for me. It’s the unofficial end of summer. 😦 Does anyone else love summer as much as I do? I love waking up in the morning and going for a nice long run before the sun gets too hot. I love laying outside in the afternoons with a good book catching some rays. I love the smell of burgers and hot dogs being cooked on the grill. I love sitting outside til the wee hours of the morning talking with friends. I love going to the beach with my best friends and letting loose. I love the warmth of the sun on my back. I love rocking my aviators like they’re going out of style. I love wearing shorts.. period!


Oh summer. Why do you do this to me? You break my heart every year when you leave. :/

Alright, now that my ode to summer is over, a little recap of my Labor-free weekend. 🙂

So, again this weekend I traveled to Louisville, Kentucky. My mother has been in the hospital for a pretty serious condition so my family & I have been there quite a bit lately! BUT the good news is, as of yesterday she is out! 😀 She will still be in Louisville for the next month or so for treatment but it’s still a GREAT improvement. I know we’re all grateful. Friday night was spent in the hospital with her just relaxing and having some much needed family time. Can’t complain there.

Now Saturday… where do I even begin?! Let’s just say the beer drinking started early. Really early. Try….. 11AM. Ooops! Needless to say I totally broke my “healthy eating in September” challenge. Yikes! But come on.. is it really possible to tailgate without a bud light or… 7? Exactly. 😉

Some random tailgate shots–>







After lots of beer and LOTS of tailgating, it was time to head into the stadium. As I said in my last entry, Louisville was playing their biggest rival, Kentucky, so tension was HIGH! How do you combat tension? More beer of course. 😀 On a real note however, the game was a lot of fun. It was the debut of Louisville’s new coach, Charlie Strong (former GATOR!), and although we ended up losing, I’m so, so, SO proud of my team! They played with more heart and determination than I’ve seen since… well, Coach Petrino left 4 years ago. Things are definitely looking up in Card land. I’m so excited we have season tickets so I can see them grow first hand!

And now some pictures from inside the stadium!







I think that last picture is beer #7… or was it 8?

All-in-all, it was a wonderful day. I’m a die-hard Cards fan so I’m incredibly happy it’s football season once again!

Who do you root for? Are you a bandwagon fan or do you cheer through thick and thin?

Sunday was a much needed recovery / detox day for me! After we checked my mom out of the hospital, all of my family went back to my grandmother’s and spent some quality time together. It’s amazing how things can change so quickly in your life. A month ago, everything in my family was normal, we’d never experienced anything really out of the ordinary and now.. everything is so completely different. We almost lost my mom and she will now be going through treatment in Louisville through at least October. I’m so grateful she’s alive and if there’s any bright side to this story, it’s that it has brought my family so much closer. I’ll never take life or my family for granted again. I’ve definitely learned nothing is forever.

Alright. I’m now off to get ready for another sorority event. Tonight’s theme? THE SEVENTY’S!!! Groovy! I’ve been listening to the Who, the Beatles, CCR, Elton, etc. to get mentally prepared for tonight. It’s all about peace & love baby.

Look for another post later this week recapping some of my recent eats, physical activity, and a look back Summer 2010!


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  1. greensandjeans permalink
    September 8, 2010 2:56 pm

    Summer and I don’t get along so well… Probably because the highs are usually well over 100 degrees here and it’s just TOO hot! Bring on the fall!

    • September 8, 2010 6:38 pm

      haha, I love fall but there’s just something about summer that I can’t get enough of! 🙂 I won’t lie though, I AM ready to see the leaves change and of course more football!! 🙂

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