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Almost There.

November 11, 2010

Where does the time go? Can someone please explain this to me? How the HELL is it already the second week of November?!? I feel like I just moved into my apartment a few weeks ago and now I’m three weeks away from Christmas break! Which coincidentally I couldn’t be happier about.

Life has been.. rather hectic. Super crazy. Confusing. Terrifying. Beautiful. Fun. Busy.

Or in other words, it’s been all over the place. Literally.

I’m starting to reach crunch time with all of my classes and I don’t even want to think about the amount of stress I’m about to go through in the next 3 weeks. Please just let me make it out alive. That’s all I’m asking right now. On Saturday, I’ll be attending my last football game as a student… ever. Obviously I don’t go to a big college so football isn’t exactly of the same caliber as say, Auburn or Florida, but it’s still a pretty big deal. I think in my entire college career I’ve maybe missed 5 home games. Maybe. What can I say, I’m a sucker for school spirit. Also ending in the next few weeks will be my reign as my sorority’s Vice President. It’s a little bittersweet. I’ll certainly miss it… but at the same time, it’s going to be nice to be a regular sister again. Thank god.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, all of these endings are happening so quickly. I’ve been picturing that day in my head when all of the sudden I’m an alumnae and it’s.. hard. If you couldn’t tell, I get SO involved and make so many incredible relationships that it’s difficult for me to move on. The same thing happened to me in high school. As much as I love embracing change, when it comes to the actual environment I’m in changing, it’s tough for me.

But that being said, I am looking forward to the future and what it holds for me. I know longer feel suffocated by the fact that it’s grad school or bust. I’ve been in school since I was 5 years old.. maybe a few years off to discover myself and what I’m meant to do in this world is exactly what I need. I need to make mistakes, be broke, learn what it’s like to live in the “real” world and EXPERIENCE life! I’ve always been trapped in this same general area and sometimes I feel like I’m that tree in the forest with stunted growth because I’ve never fully been exposed to the sun. I think it’s finally almost my time to break through the cover and grow like I’m suppose to.

This is life. It’s not suppose to be clear-cut. There are suppose to be a few bumps in the road and a few pit stops along the way, right? If there weren’t, what fun would that be?

Okay, enough of the mushy, “I’m discovering” myself talk. 😉

Did anyone else catch Glee last night?! O.M.G. How powerful was that? I love that a tv show of it’s caliber is tackling such relevant issues as bullying, whether it be gay or otherwise. Power to Ryan Murphy. I. Am. A. Fan. And okay, I’ll admit, I do not like Katy Perry. At all. But how fantastic was this version of Teenage Dream with Darren Criss??! (Fun fact—if any of you watched The Sing Off last Christmas on NBC, the background vocals are done by the Tufts University ‘Bubs!!! They were totally my favorite! I STILL swoon over their Who medley!)


And for good measure and my own personal pleasure, a video of the ‘Bubs Who medley. 😉


LOVE it! And I hope you guys do too! 🙂

In other college news… I’m pretty positive  my “running” partner has a slight crush on me. Cool? I think so. I’m not sure how I feel about him back but.. it’s interesting. I think I COULD like him but I don’t know if I have time for anything of this magnitude right now. Sad story of my life. :/ But I’m willing to be open about it and see where it goes. But, you guys don’t want to hear about that. 🙂

To close out my entry, I’ll leave you all with some more pictures of what I’ve been up to over this past week. Make your own assumptions. 😉



BTW—this band is awesome. You definitely need to check them out! They’re called Fools & Horses and they’re so nice and super talented. My favorite songs are “Three Chords” and “Selfish”. The band is anchored out of the DC/Baltimore area so if you’re around there, go to a show! You won’t regret it! 20101107_27


Oh yeah.. IT SNOWED THIS WEEKEND! WTF! (And just for the record, today it is 70 degrees!)


20101107_80On Saturday night, my roommate and I went and watched a band that a bunch of our friends are in play at a bar. Much fun was had by all. 😉


The. End.


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