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It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas… :)

December 3, 2010

So, when I left you last I was knee deep in papers and assignments and reports (oh my!). Well, I’m here today to check in and let you know that… I SURVIVED! Smile The only thing standing between me and an entire month of relaxation are exams! Which to be totally honest, I’m pretty positive I’m going to rock. Winking smile Is there any greater feeling in the entire world than stepping out of the last exam of the semester? I really don’t think there is. I always relish the feeling because it’s the first time in three months I can actually BREATHE again. AHH!! SO CLOSE!

Anyway, in honor of finishing my five papers (I literally just turned the last one in 5 minutes ago!), I’ve decided that in the spirit of the holidays (and because I’m doing some major retail therapy later today) , I’d post my Christmas wish-list. Why? No other reason than I need some “me” time…. and it’s fun. Winking smile

So, with no further ado….

See Sarah Graduate’s Very Merry Christmas List 2010 Gift with a bow

1. Season 1 of Glee! Oh my god. Seriously. Best show on TV! Does anyone else still have Teenage Dream STILL on repeat?! Okay, I’ll admit it.. I do. Smile 


2. Garmin Forerunner 305. Ever since entering the “blogging” world, I’ve become obsessed with these! I’m getting to the point in my running that I’m actually starting to get some legit mileage in and it could really come in handy. The Nike+ feature on my iPod is starting to let me down. Disappointed smile

3. Blackberry Torch. Okay, I actually know I’m already getting this but I thought I’d post it anyway. Open-mouthed smile I’m so excited! My old Blackberry is DUNZO… literally! I actually had to borrow another BB from one of my advisors just so I could make it until I get my new one! Yikes! As I’ve mentioned several times, I’m definitely one of BB’s biggest advocates. Once you go Blackberry, you don’t go back. Winking smile Case in point, this will be my THIRD one.


4. Some good books! Any recommendations?! I’ve got around a month to read my little heart out!

5. UGGS. Ahh. Yes, I’ve given in. I’ve seen the light. I’ve kind of been obsessed with boots lately. Go figure.


6. And finally for good measure……. world peace. Winking smile Peace

That’s all I’ve got. I don’t need anything else. Actually, I don’t need any of the things above (with the exception of world peace, that would come in handy). As long as I’ve got my family & friends by my side, I couldn’t ask for anything more. Red heart

And now, because we have snow in the forecast here for tomorrow (yikes!) and tonight is my college’s annual “HollyBall” (where I will in fact be celebrating all of the hard work I’ve put in this week! Martini glass), I’m leaving you with a Jason Mraz holiday favorite of mine.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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