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Hello from Sunny Florida!

December 20, 2010

So it’s that time again—a real blog post! Something I haven’t done in… ages. Well, it feels that way anyway.

First off I’ll say this—St. Petersburg is beautiful! I’ve been to Florida my fair share of times over my 23 years and this is the first time I’ve been to the Gulf side, period. I’m officially in LOVE. It’s so pretty!

Second of all—60 & 70 degree weather in December? Yes please! I know many of you prefer cold weather during the winter, especially at Christmas…but I have to say, I’m definitely a warm climate girl at heart. Yes, it doesn’t feel quite like Christmas without snow and cold temperatures….. but I could get use to lighted palm trees instead of douglas firs. Winking smile Unfortunately yesterday it wasn’t quite so warm but today it’s suppose to be in the mdi 60’s so I can dig it. Way better than 30 degrees!


So what has my St. Petersburg experience consisted of so far you ask? Here’s a brief run down.

-I woke up yesterday and went for a 4.5 mile run in the “gym” at the hotel. I put gym in quotation marks because I hardly consider a room smaller than the size of my hotel room a gym. BUT it had a dreadmill and a flat screen TV so it wasn’t so bad. Although it was literally 75 degrees in there so I’m pretty sure I sweated off more than I actually ran off… which led to me being even more dehydrated than usual. Not a good start.

-After a much needed shower (I was literally DRIPPING with sweat and totally gross when I got out of there), my mom, dad, & I headed out for a brief shopping trip. Open-mouthed smile I don’t think we accomplished much Christmas shopping but I did get a case for my BB Torch. That’s something, right?!

-We had a brief break and then went back out to another resort for a bowl game “beach bash”… since that’s what we’re here for after all. Smile It didn’t last very long though because Louisville was a little over zealous and perhaps got a bit too rowdy with the Southern Miss players. That’s a good thing though. That means the team is pumped and ready to go. Open-mouthed smile I definitely think we can pull the win off on Tuesday. GO CARDS! In Charlie Strong we trust. Winking smile





Ahh, so cold but still beautiful. I could get use to this view.

-After the beach bash and a very appropriate appetizer @ Beef O’Brady’s (sponsor of the bowl game!), we freshened up a bit and headed out for a calm night on the town. I got to choose our restaurant and of course I wanted something new and unique! And that’s exactly what I got! We went to a British restaurant (which all goes back to my obsession with the UK!) and it was fab! It was was called “Moon over Water” and it had this super eclectic feel and was just… cool. I had my first curry ever, a vegetable and tofu one, and it was good! I can’t believe I’ve been missing out all of these years! I’m a fan! After dinner we went walking around a bit and then called it a very early night. 



So what’s on the agenda for today?


Okay, well, at least for a while!

See you guys on the flipside!


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  1. December 20, 2010 4:47 pm

    My grandparents live in Seminole, not far from St. Pete, so I practically lived there in the summers when I was a kid. I love the warm gulf water! But you need to come up to Northwest Florida to really enjoy the gulf! I’ve never seen such beautiful beaches and the water is crystal clear! Probably the best beaches I’ve been too!

    • December 21, 2010 3:21 am

      Oh cool, we actually drove into Seminole today for a bit! 🙂
      And I definitely want to come back. It’s so pretty! I’d love to see the Florida panhandle!

  2. December 20, 2010 5:57 pm

    Have a good vacation! I’ve never been to Florida before, but that picture of the beach is beautiful!

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