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The Big Easy.

January 2, 2011


I made it out alive!!! Winking smile

So far the only casualties have been a sore throat and 3lbs that weren’t there before I left. Not too bad, right?

New Orleans was just….. wild. I don’t really think there are any other words to describe it. I think I might have been a bit too naïve before going there and thinking that it wouldn’t be quite as bad as on tv.. but.. it is. And it’s worse. But oh so much fun.

As far as recaps go, I don’t even think I know where to start!  From the very beginning it was non-stop craaaaziness. From the 12 hour bus ride down, to our first night on Bourbon Street, to Flag Football games, to magical slushies from Fat Tuesdays… all of it was so cool!

SO, that being said, instead of going day by day and droning on with useless details, I’ll give you my highlight reel version of the big easy.

KARAOKE!  The very first night in NOLA, my best friend and I headed down to Bourbon to get a feel for it and see just exactly what we were in store for. I mean, you have to do your research right?! Winking smile We ended up going to the Cat’s Meow and meeting up with a lot of people from our group and it JUST so happened to be a karaoke bar. Have I ever mentioned that I’m a karaoke fiend? If not, you know now. We may or may not have gotten up on stage and sang 3 times… hey, you have to do what you have to do. It was fannnnntastic. Open-mouthed smile 

WHOLE FOODS!!! So, I live in a small town. Very small. I do a majority of my grocery shopping at Wal-Mart (yuck) so when it just so happened that our hotel was literally RIGHT beside a GIANT Whole Foods, who took advantage of it? THIS KID. It was incredible! I’m pretty sure I made at LEAST one trip a day, sometimes two. I have now decided there wherever I end up in life, it must have a WF or I will not be happy. Winking smile

BEIBER! No, no, no. The Beibster wasn’t down in New Orleans (or at least not to my knowledge) but we did get up on stage at one of the bars and dance to “Baby”. And let me just clarify that I am not obsessed with the Beibster, it was solely for the enjoyment of one of our friends back home… or so we like to think. Winking smile

Flag Football! Let me just state the our flag football team is not very good. We went down for the National Flag Football championships for very obvious reasons. And one of them was not to get up at 9AM and play football. Winking smile That being said however, it was still really fun. We got our butts kicked every game but we enjoyed doing it. Teams were taking it so seriously and it was cool that we were just out there enjoying it.

Spending a week in the craziest city in the US with my BEST FRIEND! Umm, hello, is there anything better? I think not. We got beads (no flashing for us!), we danced on bars, we pregamed with slushies from Fat Tuesdays, we befriended locals, we “borrowed” cups from our favorite karaoke joint, we spent New Years eve with thousands of other crazy kids on Bourbon, we ate french fries and mozzarella sticks at 4AM,  we karaokeed our hearts out, we stood on a balcony and threw out beads… we did it all. It’s definitely an experience I’ll never, EVER forget! Open-mouthed smile 

And now, some pictures. Smile










How did you spend your New Years Eve?!

See you guys tomorrow with a 2011 checklist!


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  1. January 2, 2011 6:44 pm

    What a fun place to be on New Year’s! I did karaoke for the first time for my 21st birthday and really want to do it again 🙂

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