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April 2, 2011

I’m literally down to my LAST full month of undergrad ever! This is probably one of the most surreal feelings…. EVER. I’m already in the process of planning my “Ode to College” post that will be appearing sometime in May. Wow.

I’m also going to have to start thinking up a new title for my blog.

See Sarah… ?

We’ll figure that out when the time comes. Winking smile

But now onto the good stuff.

First of all… I SCORED A SECOND INTERVIEW! I’m not trying to get my hopes up about the job (although I REALLY want it!) but I’m definitely going into this with a winning attitude. It’s actually a two-day process, which is kind of scary. On Monday night I’ll be going to dinner with a few of the employers and I’m assuming some more candidates for the job. And then on Tuesday…… well, that would be D-Day. I’ll be going through three 30 minute interviews over the course of the day, along with a panel discussion, and lunch with some of the newbies at the company. It’s a little overwhelming to be honest. But, that’s what the real world is all about, right? Ahh. So…. send positive vibes in my direction this week! PLEASE! Smile 

And of course I’ll update as soon as I know anything! Good or bad. Smile 

In other good news, no matter how my interviews go on Tuesday, I’ll have something to celebrate on Saturday. It’s our sorority’s formal! It’s so funny because coming into college, I absolutely despised dressing up. Seriously. I was the biggest tomboy EVER. Now? If I could wear a dress everyday of the week, I probably would. So needless to say, I’m a bit excited. Open-mouthed smile I’ve got a great date (he actually asked me to my own formal? I’m okay with that though! haha), I’ll be spending the night with my BFFFFFFS  and sisters(Red heart), and there will be plenty of before and after parties to make appearances at. Winking smile Yay!

Other things to look forward to in the next few weeks?

-My last sorority/fraternity mixers
-Our Student Leadership Awards banquet (I’m really hoping to go home with the biggest award of the night…Open-mouthed smile)
-Spring Formal
-Last presentations, tests, etc.
-Traveling to Charlottesville and taking part in President Teresa Sullivan’s Inauguration (It’s kind of a big deal Winking smile)

Time is winding down and my last minute to-do list is piling up! Ahh!

Hopefully next time I update I have a job!! Cross your fingers!


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  1. April 2, 2011 8:09 pm

    Good luck with your interview! You will do awesome 🙂

    So exciting that you’re graduating next month! Ah! Enjoy the last few weeks!

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